2017 Pantry Preserved

Sweet corn is long gone, and our garden is finally slowed down between spring/fall planted crops…. Still have some greens, squash, peas, peppers, beets, carrots and beans popping up but for the most part we are fully stocked over here!

So what’s on our shelves and in the freezer? 

I went into this year wanting to try a few new recipes but sticking with only things I knew we’d eat. I don’t like making something then seeing it go to waste so both our taste buds went into consideration as well as what would be most useful for family gatherings, holiday potlucks, gifts, etc. We still have leftover fruit jams in the pantry so I kept sweet preserves to a minimum or only did small batches when I had to. I’m sure I forgot something but for the most part this is a comprehensive list for future reference, maybe more for my own use than anything. I’ll be tracking what gets used up first and that way I can better measure how much we consume and what we liked/didn’t like for next year.
-sweet corn (silver, bicolor, incredible, bodacious)
-zucchini (slices, shredded, breads and muffins)
-brussel sprouts
-fruit (blueberries, black rasp, strawb, cherry, leftover from canning and picked enough extra to make smoothies & fresh tarts or small batch jam)
-cauliflower (chopped & riced)
-cherry tomatoes
-herb blends in oil
Shelf Storage:
-sour cherry pie filling
-strawberry jalapeno jam
-blueberries in syrup
-berry chia pectin free jam (blue + black raspberry mix)
-peaches in light syrup (vanilla, spiced, and maple bourbon)
-fruit salsa
-balsamic roasted peach butter
-pear sauce (cinnamon+sweetener)
-pear jam
-pears in syrup (spiced, vanilla, plain)
-applesauce no sugar no cinnamon
-applesauce with honey +cinn
-apple +pear pie filling
-apple pie jam
-apple juice/cider
-apple cider vinegar
-smoked apple bbq
-sweet relish
-mojito jelly
-taco pickled radishes
-cuke pickles (bread/butter, sweet, dill, lemon rosemary sage, old bay)
-beets (regular and pickled)
-garlic dilly beans
-kraut stuffed peppers
-candied jalapenos
-roasted pepper pizza sauce
-spaghetti sauce
-tomato soup
-bloody mary mix
-sweet cherry tomato onion compote
-roasted corn black bean salsa
-ranch style salsa
-zucchini corn salsa
-mild salsa
-grape juice
-grape plum jam
-asian plum sauce
-sweet and salty pickled plums
-plums in light syrup
-horseradish sauce
-smoked dried peppers (all types)
-sundried tomatoes
-roasted cherry tomatoes in oil
-grapefruit rhubarb sauce
-venison vegetable soup
-venison jerky
-bone broth
-dried herbs (sage, rosemary, parsley, cilantro, dill, chives, thyme, oregano, basil, tea blends of lemon balm/goldenrod, mint, lavender)
-dehydrated veggie chips (garlic pepper radishes, ‘nacho’ zucchini, zucchini pasta)
-smoked dried pepers (hot mix and regular sweets)
-ground pepper rub
-smoked fish (salmon from a friend, trout, bass)
-apple chips & schnitz
-dried watermelon ‘gummies’
-green chile enchilada sauce
-pickled hot peppers
-red hot sauce
-roasted eggplant puttanesca sauce
I’m sure there will be a few things added to this list before the year is over… like butternut squash soup and the rest of the watermelon radishes that need canned ; )

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