(Photo by ©Hand and Arrow Photography)

We are Eric & Josie, two young farmers working on our turn-of-the-century farmstead to build a lifelong dream. Using sustainable and regenerative farming practices, our focus for the farm is to utilize heritage breed livestock and heirloom seeds for our produce. The more unique, the better!

That means: Vegetables that are always non-GMO, organically grown and passed down from generations that come in all sorts of fun shapes and colors from the ‘norm’; and Livestock breeds that have been around for centuries and are naturally suited for the environment we raise them in- outdoors. These breeds have traits like parasite/disease resistance, good mothering abilities, and while that may also mean they grow slower it also means the final product has a taste you won’t find on a store shelf. We put our blood sweat and tears into raising our animals and thank them for all they provide for us and our customers.



Pork :  We currently raise heritage breed hogs which are a cross of mangalista, duroc, tamworth and old spot. They spend their days happily eating non-GMO feed along with garden scraps, brewers grain, and fruit from local orchards.

Sheep : Our ever-growing mixed flock are raised for both fiber and wool, are grassfed-only and raised on pasture. 

Poultry : Not your average brown layers here! Through years of raising mixed breed chickens, we are able to supply farm fresh eggs in a rainbow of colors. All chickens, both layers and broilers, spend their days on pasture, pecking and scratching as life intended. 



You can buy our products seasonally at the following locations:

  • Beyond the Blend market in Bloomsburg, PA
  • Forks Farm Market in Orangeville, PA
  • Plated dishes at Old Tioga Farm Restaurant, Stillwater PA, featuring our heritage breed pork for dinners/charcuterie
  • Our farm stand is located here at our address, and is open July-Sept
  • Contact directly to reserve whole or half hogs/lamb, eggs, and florals