Dining Room Reno

As part of a Christmas surprise for Eric this past winter I decided to work on updating the dining room. It’s a room he’d mentioned multiple times about having so much potential but really just using it to pile junk and laundry in… He was right. The shape and size is really perfect, it just needed some color and decoration, you know, girl stuff.
We had looked at colors before and being that I wanted to make sure it was something he liked, I went with a navy that he’d picked out unknowingly in discussion. Navy, because whenever you ask a guy what color something should be it’s either red, blue, or black. Geez. I went with a paint+primer since there was already a lighter color on it, and knew I didn’t want to have to go over it several times since the gapping and texture of the wood panels was going to be a pain. I also did paint the flooring with an oil based house paint, which took about a week to dry. This isn’t a permanent solution since we plan on covering it up entirely with new floor so I didn’t get too in-depth with technique there but it definitely helped the feel of the room.

Much of my inspiration for design comes though online searches and after finding a few really cute farm-cottage layouts that were done in navy/white the idea seemed like it would work. So, going with that color and covering up the civil war blue/gray that looked like it had been slapped all over the downstairs in a pretty hasty way, it started to come together very well. Décor was mostly things we already had or picked up from an antiques auction. The chalkboard sign is freehand and gets changed with the seasons so don’t laugh at my poor penmanship.  ; )

WHY ARE CURTAINS SO EXPENSIVE. Why. They are rectangular pieces of fabric, people.
I searched for about a month to find a baroque print that would match and throw a little pattern accent into the mix, but after deciding they were unnecessarily out of my budget I actually stumbled on this fabric from Walmart of all places (really not a fan of buying stuff there) and at $3/yard it couldn’t be beat. My stitching isn’t exactly straight but with the pattern it’s not even noticeable!
The hallway was a quick fix, stairs not so much. I had actually wanted a gray color that was between a light and dark, but it ended up being a little darker anyways. Being a good spot for natural lighting from the front door it’s actually not so bad, needs a few decorations hung yet as well. For the stairs I used the original white primer we had, but the black tone would be a harder deck & floor paint to withsand more use. I only put two coats on and will need to do another to prevent nicks showing through to the previous barn red stair color. Really loving it so far though!

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