Goats ‘R Jerks

I think the title just about sums it up….
Hey guys, the goats are back from their vacation hiatus at the neighbors farm.
They are “sharing” the pigs’ pen that was their original home. We did extend it big enough for the four of them to have plenty of space to frolick in, but of course they are just going to fight over the same corner day in and day out. And the poor piggles are just little sweeties that lose the fight every time, but after two weeks they are finally starting to give each other some room. If you know me you know do NOT mess with my bacon, so it’s in the goats’ best interest to play nice or else those useless horned lawn munchers are getting the boot. Who has time to babysit childish animals that want each other’s food anyways? Goats are sneaky devilish little creatures that will piss you off while looking cute and trying to love you anyways.
Jerks. Just look at that face of guilt.

Garden is almost all in!!!

It was brutal this year- tilling, picking endless giant rocks and 4 foot long weeds, tilling again…. Moose was no help. But, it’s done and will be so much easier next year now (hopefully). Four varieties of sweet corn, and some new veggies I’m trying to grow this year include: Okra, Artichoke, Sweet Potatoes, Thai peppers, and Chocolate Habanero, along with some heirloom white cucumbers and tomatoes. I set up a trellis system for eggplant and squash with old flower trellis’ recovered from the scrap pile behind the barn. Re-Puroposed & Free  : )

We extended the garden to allow for a separate melon/pumpkin patch as well as some ornamentals- broom & indian corn. I was on a time crunch and didn’t have the plastic or time to run for any so it’s going to be old school newspaper and grass cuttings/hay we clean out of the barn for weed control this year. Just need a fence and we’re all set! The rain finally broke and left us this nice rainbow over the lake in the backyard too…it was a double but you could barely see the 2nd, wishing I had enough time to run up to the hill before it disappeared or it would have been right over the farm <3

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