Homemade Lip Balm

One thing I’m addicted to is chapstick- in fact I don’t think I could go a day without it. But, this winter I’d started to notice normal chapstick wasn’t quite working anymore, and wanted to try my own concoction. Turns out it works even better than store bought and has simple ingredients, it was exactly what my lips needed! I use peppermint oil here because I like the taste, smell, and healing powers of the pure oils but you could substitute with whatever scented oil you prefer.



3tbsp/4grams beeswax

3tbsp/8grams unrefined shea butter

1tbsp/2g coconut oil

2-3drops vitamin E oil

10 or less drops peppermint or essential oil of your choice


In double boiler, melt all ingredients EXCEPT for vitamin E & essential oils, stirring well. Shut off heat source and add remaining oils, mixing well again. Quickly transfer liquid mixture to tubes or container of choice. Recipe makes approx 12 tubes.

**Ingredients can be adjusted- the higher ratio of beeswax used, the harder your final product will be.


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