New Beginnings

This week was the first day of spring!

Hard to imagine when the ground is covered in white, and the few blooms that already tried to shoot through early are now whittled and weak. If there’s one thing we can learn from the weather, it’s to expect the unexpected for sure. Something to keep in mind for a year that will hold many, many changes and a fresh start for us as we try to rebuild and rework a farm that hasn’t been in production for decades. That being said, new beginnings are a great place to try a few things outside the box, and give ‘er a go! You never know what just might work..

As we tackle setting everything up for when the ground thaws, I can’t help but appreciate the courage and dedication that goes into starting from scratch. We have our health, able working bodies, and about 40 acres that I’ll be darned if we don’t turn into something useful. So, thanks in advance to all of our friends, family, and support system for watching this crazy adventure unravel. <3

This week we found our first two eggs laid by the turkeys.. Like I said, expect the unexpected while we still have 4 inches of snow on the ground! (Better than the 24 that was last week) It took the chickens a good three days to even want to come out of their coop for anything other than their weekly sprout treats, they aren’t a fan of walking on ice. I can’t blame them, if my ‘chickens wearing pants’ trial had gone better I might have attempted socks too. Hens in socks, can you imagine?

Our package (and I mean alooot) of seeds have arrived and we will try pre-planting some until we can till up the garden and set up fencing. Fencing, ugh. What a daunting and necessary task, can’t everything be free range? No, even the garden needs a fence, especially since the deer and wandering pheasants like to use the backyard as their personal campground. This will be my first time trying seedlings, other than the windowsill sprouts we treat the poultry with over winter. Fingers crossed they come up! We have picked out quite an array of heirloom seeds, in hopes we can keep some for next year. There’s nothing more beautiful than the bright natural colors of fresh produce, I can’t wait to see them all bloom- though the frozen outdoors is quite beautiful itself too!

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