New Roots

Its FINALLY time to play in the dirt again!
In my opinion, there’s nothing more soul cleansing after a long, hard winter, than getting to open up windows to morning sunshine, a warm breath of fresh air, and having your hands in the soil.
We definitely endured a longer (and more frigid) winter than expected, and as a result of that I ended up getting a bit stir crazy and pre-ordering an overload of new fruit trees and berries. Can’t help myself. Having that shipping notification go through was almost as satisfying as actually planting, but the wait in anticipation for them to finally come was pure torture…
Final count? 24
13 berry varieites
8 fruit trees
3 nut bearing
SO. What all did we put in the ground and why?
Well, the orchard expansion consisted of evening out rows, and replacing a few gaps, then adding a berry plot alongisde it between the fruit trees and garden. For strawberries, we used old railroad ties to create a raised bed that will be between our grape/kiwi patch and bush varieites. Grapes aren’t ordered yet- once we decide on which we’d like that will be next! The berry patch now has:
-Blueberries, Pink Blueberries (pink lemonade & pink popcorn)
-Thornless blackberries
-Snowbank Blackberries
-Raspberries (crimson, early red, fall gold)
-Strawberry and White Pineberry
Other berries along the lower field treeline include elderberry and mulberry but I would like to snag a gooseberry and huckle to plant in there yet too.
Fruiting tree additions were:
-Sweet and Tart Dwarf Cherries
-PawPaw (mango and shenandoah)
-White Fig
And nuts consisted of hardy almond and pecan. Only one almond variety was available at the time so we will need to plant a second when it’s available to produce fruit. The nut trees are scattered along the lower treeline and upper woods area, hoping this also lures in some more wildlife for hunting as they produce.
The hardest part now is waiting long enough for most of these to grow to a production size! Most of our existing apple and peach trees have already blossomed and will hopefully bear a crop for us this year. Personally I am most excited for pawpaw, one of the oldest native fruit trees to this area. If anything, we’ll corner the market on exotic fruits that’s for sure!
**Many thanks to my lovely family for enduring planting day and helping to organize… love you all! 🙂
In the first few warm days things have already picked up as we roll right into planting time, with a new tiller, tractor, and fencing we are ready to rock it this year! We’ve cleared some brush and dead trees to put in a spot for a small cut flower patch that will be experimental for me this year. Mostly dahlias, some zinnia, strawflower, some celosia, and fillers. There are plenty of new varieties and structuring going into the garden plan this time around too and here’s hoping all the hard work & planning over winter months pays off and teaches us something else new along the way.

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