Plant Smiles, Grow Laughter, Harvest Love

“When Life Doesn’t Come up Like Roses, Look to the Weeds and find Beauty in Them.”
WELL then we are going to have one beautiful garden at this rate if I’m not allowed to do any activity yet….
It has been one week since my thyroidectomy and that is one whole week of people forcing me not to get up, move, do chores and work. Blah. I don’t sit still well!! Frustrating, but at least I can relax outside and soak up some sun (on my legs anyways, staying covered don’t worry doctor). There’s nothing worse than feeling weak and useless on the farm and around the house but it could be worse- I’m alive and healing, and hopefully cancer free!
So instead of complaining, I’ll just keep taking each day in stride and will be back to myself in no time.
Eric had a very productive time home, fixed up the hay bine and tried to do one run of hay. When you have a jambalaya of mixed vintage machinery not everything goes smoothly but we’re getting there! The only thing we have to really figure out is getting the baler to knot properly- I even got to drive it for the first bale but that’s probably why it didn’t work then if you know how things go when I touch anything mechanical ;). We have to finish sweeping out the 10yr old leftover straw that was a good couple of inches thick in the barn before any new hay goes in anyways. It made for a good weed cover layer in the garden at least, which has a fence around now to keep pests out.
Cherries are ripe on our two trees here but the majority are so high up that it’s hard to get them before the birds! Managed to pick a couple but not quite enough for a cherry cobbler… I’ll head down the road to the orchard and pick plenty of sour cherries here soon.
All of the chickens are getting along great in their coop, I was nervous about combining the two flocks and put a picture here of how we introduced the two different age groups, since they can be clique-y clucky gals. We simply split the outside run and divided the coop inside down the center diagonally. With the heat lamp in the middle for chilly nights, as days went by and they huddled, ate, and lived next to each other. They got easily accustomed and were able to all be in the same space without pecking at each other.
I keep saying no more chicks this year but I did surprise my honey with a handful of Royal Palm poults last week. And by surprised I mean “I have no idea how they got in my car…..”  😉 If we can cross them with the blue slates we already have then they would make for a very neat heritage line that should be tasty and of good temperament. Extras will be eaten and sold so at least they’re still of use. I may have happened to grab a frizzle, mille fleur d’uccle and polish too… THEY HAVE MOHAWKS AND SOCKS OK. I promise everyone, I don’t plan on becoming the crazy chicken lady.
Mostly everything is popping up in the garden including the squash and melons we put in just last week- did a nice sized strip of jack o lantern, gourd mix, whites, and the giant breed pumpkins. The end of the row has some sweets: watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe.

I noticed two weeks after the peppers went in that my starters seemed stunted… we have been keeping a container of coffee grounds and eggshells so I sprinkled them around the base along with some pig ‘mud’ (poop) hoping for a miracle. We also ended up re-seeding the bicolor sweet corn, all of the rain the week following plating had rotted the seeds. The other three varieties look great though. The farmers also got our front and rear fields seeded with corn for the year using their no-till machinery. Looking good so far!

Now back to my ‘resting’ aka trying to crochet with a cat on my lap…. Soak up the summer, guys 🙂

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