Raining Cats and Dogs and Chickens and Pigs and….

This past weekend has been a hurricane of moving things (literally), setting up fencing, moving animals, tilling up the garden, planting trees, and spending time with family. All in the pouring rain, of course! And I mean POURING.

Eternally grateful for our parents, who manage to show up and help no matter what the weather! Eric’s dad is our resident expert when it comes to fruit trees, and helped plant our new Asian pears & Fig, while my mom ‘the flower lady’ brought up transplants, some of which have been passed down from my great grandparents farm, to landscape the farmhouse flowerbeds. It’s looking really wonderful and more colorful than ever.


They are so stinkin’ cute. I’d love to have a gilt and our own litter, but not until we see how these guys do first… we both agreed to trying a few things this year for ourselves before making any bigger investments, to make sure we can properly care for all these critters before diving into a full on zoo of livestock.

For the barrows we are using our old goat pen, made a little larger and with reinforced electric fencing around the bottom to deter escapees. I’ve heard they are masters at this! The goats are going in with them at some point, and the turkeys have their own coop in the backyard next to the chickens. The idea is to eventually let the turkeys with the hens, but since the young girls are so much smaller for now we are just letting them get accustomed to being neighbors.


*          *          *          *          *

After talking a bit about what to do with the lower field behind the house, things finally fell into place by chance and we found someone to rent to at the very last minute. Eventually this ground will be hay but since it’s been ages since it was used and is going to take more work and equipment going into it than we can handle. Fortunately, thanks to friends and neighbors of ours, the family that we’ll be renting it to is already familiar with the land. Our friend’s grandfather even knows the last person to farm it and has spoken with him on what used to be done and how best to plant it.  This is a huge relief knowing the family takes good care of the work they put in and know how to manage the soil for the first few years. We are truly so thankful to have them, it’s going to be exciting seeing the land reclaimed and go through so many transitions!

In other news, the first round of chicks are outside, under careful watch and with a heat lamp at night, we did also pick up some easter eggers and Australorps! The Austras will be a trial meat breed so we only purchased a few to see how they taste and what their grow rate looks like. Those guys still have a few weeks to go out and are SO FLUFFY. The easter eggers are my favorite and should give some neat colored eggs, a bluish coloring. I just can’t wait til they’re all outside!




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