Springing Forward

Seedlings are popping up so fast! It wasn’t nearly 3 ½ days before the first sprouts started showing. My first thoughts?? PANIC. NOT YET. Calm down little buggers, there’s still some snow on the ground.

While most of the starters are ready, we’re still waiting on a varieties of things. Plus apparently I need to get some cantaloupe (gross) since Eric likes it. The things we do for love..


On top of baby plants we also had to acquire a few new chicks this week. Arriving home one day last week the neighbor delightfully told me the short tale of how a raccoon killed yet another one in their backyard.


Their temporary housing wasn’t quite holding… they had one month to go to be moved into their safe home and couldn’t quite make it. What does one do in that situation, offer a muffin basket? Some pie as consolation for the hideous act of nature they had to deal with? I settled for a sincere apology, it’s not like I told the chicken to run off and get eaten. There’s a reason chickens aren’t too high on the totem pole… unless they perch on it of course. So now we have a small growing herd of variety chicks- looking to be silkies, Wyandotte, barred rocks, brahma. Still looking for reasonably priced easter eggers, I want those bright blue eggies! We also need to get meat chicks but are waiting another month to offset some chaos of spring work, gearing towards Australorps as a trial meat breed.

Ricky, Ethel, and Lucy are up to 8 eggs this week, a few more and they should be

sitting. (It would be ten but I stole two to blow out and use for decoration as our first eggs on the farm)

I’m waiting for the day we get a noise complaint with Ricky’s incessant gobbling… ALL DAY

In other news, the front stairs are finished with a fresh coat of paint! Gone is the barn-red everywhere, and the civil war blue walls have been covered with a cool slate gray and b&w staircase. I can’t wait to get some décor up and make it look even more inviting! Next up: living room, and to finish trim/decorations in the dining room.

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